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David McLain, CEO, Featured in Pet Food Industry Article to Discuss Merging Companies During COVID-19

In a recent feature article from Pet Food Industry, CEO David McLain discusses the inherent challenges — and opportunities — of merging C.J. Foods and American Nutrition (ANI), top manufacturers of super-premium pet food and treats, into a single identity during a global pandemic.

“Alphia was founded on the legacies for which C.J. Foods and ANI are known,” says McLain. “As we looked to unite these businesses under one name, we thoughtfully incorporated their heritage as well. As both companies unite under one name and mission, we are busy understanding the best practices on both sides of the organization. These best practices will be Alphia’s go-forward approach, which will embrace the legacy of both companies but also position Alphia to be best in class when it comes to food safety, product quality, supply chain expertise and customer-facing practices.”

While navigating the merger, Alphia pivoted to meet a surge in demand for premium pet food products during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I am very proud of how our team quickly reacted to manage our response to the pandemic,” says McLain. “With a newly formed organization, we worked swiftly to meet the needs of our customers, while ensuring a safe workplace for our employees.”

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