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Pet Food Safety & Quality

Meet or exceed strict FDA, AAFCO, and USDA standards with the safest, highest quality pet food products and treats.

Alphia’s unwavering commitment to treat each brand as our own means we deliver the safest, highest quality products on shelf. By continuously raising the bar on our protocols and manufacturing processes, we maintain an industry-leading food safety and quality system that is ahead of its time. No matter how safety and quality are defined, measured and regulated, our customers continue to enjoy excellent service levels and a competitive edge. It’s this diligence that has earned Alphia’s unshakeable reputation on which our partners trust is built.

Certified Manufacturing Facilities

We are continually reducing process variation and implementing process controls at our facilities, nearly all of which are audited against the SQF Food Safety Code and SQF Quality Code annually.

  • Dedicated quality assurance and separate food safety staff
  • Internal and third-party audits conducted regularly
  • Reports from certification body available for review post-audit
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Supply Chain Management

Competitive offerings such as “all-natural” formulations and products “Made in America” have increased the pressure on pet food brands to practice and demonstrate responsible sourcing and manufacturing. Alphia works with only trusted vendors and verified ingredients so you can confidently assure customers of your products’ origins and makeup.

  • Established specifications for all ingredients
  • Materials purchased only from approved suppliers
  • Suppliers verified regularly through on-site audits
  • Verification of shippers and other entities’ sanitary transportation practices
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Food Safety Plans Across All Facilities

All Alphia facilities have developed and implemented food safety plans per the FSMA Preventive Controls for Animal Food Rule. Each written food safety plan includes:

  • Facility overview and assigned food safety team
  • Flow diagram
  • Hazard analysis
  • Preventive controls, including process, sanitation, and other controls
  • Management procedures for preventive controls, including verification and implementation monitoring
  • Procedures for corrections and corrective actions
  • Recall plan
  • Recordkeeping procedures

Contamination Mitigation Measures

Efforts to prevent contamination must be integrated into every facet of operations in order to be effective. That’s why Alphia’s SOPs, cGMPs, and SSOPs introduce consistent controls that work hand-in-hand to prevent product contamination.

  • Cross-contamination mitigated through hygienic zoning (both staff/equipment movement and airflow) to separate raw ingredient handling areas from post-kill locations
  • Established processes to ensure continuous plant sanitation
  • Environmental monitoring conducted to ensure our food safety programs are effective
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Recall Preparedness

Traceability systems ensure a pet food manufacturer’s capacity to trace the flow of products through the supply chain. Alphia’s efficient traceability system is built to minimize the risk of recall – and maximize the efficiency of resolution in the event that one should occur.

  • Traceability system to track ingredients, packaging materials, and finished product throughout the entire food chain
  • Written food safety plan available with complete recall plan, per FSMA Preventive Controls for Animal Food Rule
  • Mock recalls conducted every six months
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