Growth VIA Innovation

Production Capabilities

Unique pet food products and treats developed on a foundation of deep market intelligence position our partners to capture more share.

Identify trend opportunities, solve product challenges, and realize blue-sky concepts. Whether you’re a pet food brand seeking a co-manufacturer capable of producing exceptional products or a retailer looking to develop, revise or expand your consumer pet food brands, Alphia can deliver. We help partners develop market-leading pet food from concept to distribution.

Super Premium Products

Bowl with pet food spilling over to the side.

Alphia is proudly rooted in a legacy of super premium pet food and treat production, offering more than 60 house formulas from mainstream to super premium. We work with partners to develop, revise or expand their pet food brands in a way that appeals to consumers and their four-legged friends—from big-name products to boutique varieties. Because today’s pet owners bring their own distinct values and preferences to the pet food aisle, and Alphia is here to ensure they find what they are looking for—in your brand.

Market Intelligence

Alphia is your personal brand advisor from concept to shelf bringing deep industry expertise and market insights to every engagement. We use everything from retail and cash register data to technical expertise to help our customers make better business decisions for their pet food category or individual brand. Unique pet food products and treats developed on a foundation of deep market intelligence, decades of industry expertise and concept-to-shelf capabilities position our partners to capture more market share.

  • Market Insights & Category Intelligence
  • Innovation Focused on Speed-to-Market
  • World Class R&D and Technical Services
  • Assortment Analysis & Recommendation
  • Unique Supply Chain Solutions
Blue bullseye target with 3 blue arrows hitting the bullseye.

Innovative R&D

Food lab with chicken breast on a plate and ground beef in a glass dish.

Alphia’s active and engaged R&D team members can help you capture trend opportunities and solve product challenges in record time. Constant creativity in formulations, shapes, ingredients, textures and tastes is essential to your long-term brand health, so we’ve made it an essential element of how we do business whether it’s breed-specific, semi-moist, kibble with inclusions or something completely new and novel.

  • Custom formulation
  • Product validation
  • Inclusions
  • High-meat formulas
  • Unique blending

Standard, Premium & Exotic Ingredients

Fresh salmon filet
Sweet potato slices in front of a whole sweet potato.
Lamb lollipop chops in a pile.

We have more than 900+ ingredients at our fingertips through our ingredient milling sister company LANI, and are able to source what you need to make a pet food formulation that’s right for your brand. Whether it’s duck from France, lamb from Australia, or green-lipped mussels from New Zealand, Alphia connects customers with high-quality ingredients from audited sources we know and trust.

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Tapioca
  • Wild-caught salmon
  • Lamb
  • Alligator
  • Wild boar
  • Duck
  • Rabbit
  • Buffalo
  • And much, much more…

Custom Manufacturing

Alphia is more than just a manufacturer, we are a custom solutions provider. Our deep engineering and technical expertise means we are able to make some of the most complex formulas on market to help our partners achieve their goals. Whether it’s ingredients, production or logistics, our team can make a recommendation and then make it happen.

  • Extruded kibble
  • Baked treats
  • Whole muscle jerky
  • Strategically located, nationwide facilities
  • AAFCO compliance
Alphia Delivery truck

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