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Introducing Alphia™: The Leading Custom Manufacturer of Super-Premium Pet Food in the United States

Alphia Is the New Name Unifying C.J. Foods and American Nutrition

Bern, Kansas – June 8, 2020: Alphia™, the leading custom manufacturer of super-premium pet food in the U.S., officially unveiled its new name today, the result of merging C.J. Foods, Inc., and American Nutrition, Inc. (ANI). Unifying two of America’s top manufacturers of super-premium pet food and treats under the Alphia name brings together more than 800 passionate pet people who are forging growth for this new industry-leading company. Alphia also includes milling solutions partner LANI and Veracity Logistics.

“Alphia signifies our company’s leadership role in the pet food industry in partnership and growth,” says Dave McLain, CEO, Alphia. “With the unification of C.J. Foods and American Nutrition, the Alphia brand has unparalleled marketplace intelligence, research and development expertise with turnkey production and supply chain capabilities.”

Alphia has a broad portfolio of pet food and treats, as the only super-premium manufacturer with a national footprint of 10 locations across 6 states. The company manufactures more than one billion pounds of pet food each year.

“Alphia will build on the outstanding reputations of C.J. Foods and American Nutrition as its skilled team focuses on delivering the highest quality super-premium pet food and treats,” says Tod Morgan, Chairman of the Board, Alphia. “This partnership delivers growth for our customers, employees and communities.”

Alphia is a portfolio company of J. H. Whitney Capital Partners (“JH Whitney”), a Connecticut based private equity firm that owned C.J. Foods since 2014 and acquired Lortscher’s Animal Nutrition (now LANI) in 2018. Earlier this year, C.J. Foods purchased ANI (including Veracity Logistics).

About Alphia™

Alphia™, the “alpha dog” of the pet food industry, manufactures each year more than one billion pounds of dry, canned and baked pet food and treats that are known for delivering growth for its customers, employees and communities. Alphia is committed to treating each brand as its own and offers innovation by pushing boundaries and creating trends. Alphia is focused on safety and quality at its 10 locations in 6 states in the U.S. Alphia is a portfolio company of J. H. Whitney Capital Partners (“JH Whitney”), a Connecticut-based private equity firm. Alphia was formed in 2020 by the unification of C.J. Foods, Inc., and American Nutrition, Inc. The company also includes LANI (formerly Lortscher’s Animal Nutrition) and Veracity Logistics. For more information, visit

About J.H. Whitney Capital Partners

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